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Latest news

'Horizontaal Organiseren' nominated as 'Management book of the Year 2014'

The book Horizontaal Organiseren, written by Renco Bakker and Teun Hardjono is nominated as Management book of the Year 2014 by Managementboek.nl!

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Quality in an international perspective

Teun Hardjono, director of CSR Academy travelled to Oman to meet his promovendi Nasser Al-Salmani. The main intention of his visit was to help Nasser with his thesis, based on the quality of the healthcare in Oman with an Islamitic approach.

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Using new conceptual models and interesting statements, in combination wtih a scientific vision Teun Hardjono knows how to reload and how to accelerate the mind during masterclasses and conferences. Based on the Fourphase-model he helps organisations and managers to create and maintain the focus on quality, CSR and proces management. He do this with a lot of enthusiasm, empathy and passion.

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During his career Teun Hardjono has written multiple bestsellers. These books are linked to the focues areas CSR, quality and proces management. Furthermore, from his position as Professor at the Erasmus University and fellow at the Sienctific Institutue CDA, Teun writes scientific articles with reference to innovation, ability of socialisation and quality. 

One of his latest books, which he has written together with Renco Bakker is Horizontaal Organiseren (2013). In this book the focus on management of processes is elaborated in a managerial and psychological way. Beside this, orginizing in a horizontal way is a conjunction of intervening in thinking, constructing, controlling and collaboration in an organization. 

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The Four-Phase model, which is created by Teun Hardjono, gives support to a lot of managers and organisation. The model helps them in analyzing the current situation and determining control points within the organisation. To implement and perform, per phase, different interventions have been drawn. The phases are Extern, Intern, Control and Change. They can be linked with each other which results in four new focus areas with four new interventions.

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Besides the fact that Teun Hardjono has created the Four Phase-model he contributed to the creation of the EFQM-modelwhich is a International known model for quality. The model is drawn from the European Foundation for Quality and Management to help organisation with their focus on competitiveness. The main intention is to find the way to 'exellence' and to maintain the focus on it. Finally, the model helps to generate solutions and understanding gaps in the business.


CSR Academy

Teun Hardjono is director of CSR Academy. This is an organization which is dedicated to the world of tommorow. The passion of CSR Academy lies in Corporate Social Responsibility. Every professional who is working for CSR Academy takes responsibility for the society. Hereby CSR Academy is capable to stimulate people to work for a better society. This is also the creed of CSR Academy; Empowering people for a better society

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13 January 2014        Meeting Earth Charter

22 January 2014        Start Wintercamp Quality 2014

31 January 2014        Reunion Clinamen

                                Every year Teun Hardjono orgianze a reunion for his clinamen. 

19 March 2014          City Council elections 

                                 Teun Hardjono is number 2 on the list of CDA Gouda

22 May 2014             National Quality conference Kluwer 

                                This year, Teun Hardjono is the special guest at the 18th National Quality congres. 


Do you want to get in touch with Teun Hardjono? You can call with +31 10-297 40 20 or send an e-mail to teun.hardjono@csr-academy.com