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Teun Hardjono has been a frequently asked speaker at strategy days and conferences. With his intriguing statements and out-of-the box conceptual models he is able to get tongues wagging and stimulate thoughts. When the opportunity is there, he is not shy to reach the essence between, on one hand business issues and on the other hand philosophical issues.



                      “The fastest sailing yachts were built in the period when steamships had already been invented.” 


With this quote Teun wants to say that the way in which an organisation perform business, it is not necessarily the way to success, added value and social awareness. Organisation should think and act beyond existing frameworks to insure themselves for a long-term business. With passion, dedication and inspiration Teun shares his vision during lectures, materclasses and meetings. During these events he helps organisation to maintain and expand the level of strategic perspective on the topics like quality management, corporate social responsibility (CSR), entrepreneurship, innovation and organizational development.

Teun has written multiple bestsellers with regard to quality management, innovation, corporate social responsibility and socialisation capability. In 2013 he wrote the bestseller “Horizontaal Organiseren”. Furthermore the titles “Perspectieven op Kwaliteit.nl”, “Perspectieven op MVO.nl” and “Management van Processen” have been known as premium titles in this art. Finally several thousand copies of the doctoral thesis, “Ritmiek en Organisatiedynamiek”, which Teun has written has been sold. In this thesis Teun support his own developed model, the Fourphase-model.

Since 1998 Teun has been part-time professor Quality Management and Certification at the Rotterdam School of Management of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Also he is one of the people who is in the Corporate Social Responsibility Executive-Program at the Erasmus School of Accounting and Assurance. Beside these functions, Teun is chairman of the Examination Board of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Furthermore Teun is member of the Supervisory Board of the “Examenkamer”, the Accreditation Committee and the Sounding Board Philosophy and Entrepreneurship of VNO-NCW. Besides he is councillor for the CDA Gouda, he is also fellow of the Scientific Institute of the CDA. Finally since 2011 Teun has been director at CSR-Academy. This is an organisation which stands for the world of tomorrow. The essence is: “Empowering people for a better society”.

Consultancy at Board level
Teun started his career as consultant at Berenschot B.V. He had worked there for more than 20 years. One of his main activities was the re-structuring of the Dutch Confection Industry. At the end of his career at Berenschot, the consulting activities were in particular focused on business strategy and governance. For example he gave advise to the Dutch police and the UWV.

CSR in Europe
In 2005 Teun had finished a big European project, subsidized by the European Commission. The intention of the project, which is called the European Corporate Sustainability Framework, was to generate a business model which was able to help organisation to implement CSR in their business line.
On the request of the European Commission Teun criticized the framework of the UNIAPAC of South and Middle America. Currently Teun writes articles and gives master classes about CSR in Europe.


“During quenching already thinking about rebuilding.”



Quality in Europe
Teun, who is known as one of the initiators and symbols of quality in Europe has done programs by the world known quality guru Deming and Juran. On the basis of his merit Teun has been asked as first Dutchmen to participate in the prestigious International Academy for Quality. He also participated in the work group which has established the European Excellence of EFQM-model. Furthermore he advised the Minister of Economic Affairs in which way The Netherlands could arrange more attention for quality. This advice was achieved in the INK-model. Finally Teun has been the initiator of the Dutch Academy for Quality. Nearly all Dutch researchers who specify themselves on quality are member of this academy.

                                             “If everything is transparent, you see nothing.”


Capabilities for development

Teun was promoted in 1995 at the Technical University Eindhoven. He promoted with his thesis ‘Ritmiek en Organistiedynamiek’. In this thesis he made his own developed Fourphase-model plausible. With this model he shows that when people strive to continuity, money is not the own important factor. Developing intellectual and socialisation capabilities and incorporating CSR is, whether or not, more important. Therefore the Fourphase-model forms the basis for the vision of an organisation.


“Experience has to be exposed in a scientific way.”


Currently Teun has supported 10 promovendi in their way to their PhD and has committed more than twenty small and large Commissions. The main motivation behind this is to give, especially older people, the opportunity to expose their knowledge and experience in a scientific way and make it public.