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CSR Academy was founded in 2003 by business students who wanted to make a positive contribution to the development of society . CSR Academy has developed into a group of researchers, writers, trainers and consultants with a shared passion for CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility.
CSR Academy can be characterized as a flock of birds: divers, free and dynamic. Each CSR professional is open to change and has a unique perspective on their environment. This enables us to reshape change and purpose and discuss a broad variety of situations and questions.
We are always in search of new organizational methods, knowledge and skills. We invite you to visit our profile and are open and receptive to dialogue.



The definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is "Responsibility for the communal space". Each organisation makes their own interpretation what responsibility is and for what they want to be responsible for. They do it in consultation with their stakeholders. CSR Academy can assist in defining, realizing and implementing the specific mission and message of your organization internally and in society wants to spread.


Organizational structure:

The organizational structure of the CSR Academy is different from a conventional structure in that its content, form and direction are dynamic. CSR Academy also rather think in terms of organizing than in terms of organizations.
An organization is in fact nothing but a collection of individuals. The term ‘organizing’ puts more emphasis on the movement that is happening in a meeting. The collection of individuals will change for various reasons. What binds them is not an agreement or an employer, but enthusiasm to achieve something together.
That enthusiasm, the energy of the group, is primarily the result of a shared passion. It is a passion in a more inclusive way of doing business, with more eye for impact on the environment. Not only to achieve sustainability, but also because this way adds value for both the organization and its environment.
Secondly, there is energy to be unique and autonomous individuals with their own expertise, choices and responsibilities to work together in an equal manner. Learning about other perspectives and successfully joining forces is very satisfying.
In practice this means that CSR Academy is a network of professionals supporting each other to realize social ambitions. Together propagate an ideology is not only incisive, it's also fun!

To realize the ambition "taking responsibility for the communal space" CSR Academy sees the following conditions:
• CSR requires an open mind with regard to the community, which influences the organization and the organization has influence on.
• CSR requires sincere attention to stakeholders and their interests.
• CSR requires an honest business design and implementation, so it does not degenerate into a ‘cosmetic surgery’.
• CSR requires that the people of the organization see and experienced it as a way of thinking and acting.
• CSR requires an attitude to 'invite' rather than 'impose' for: the creation of support, asking inviting questions, encouraging people to share knowledge and experimenting with new behavior.
• CSR requires consciousness, will and decisiveness, courage and commitment of a steering top of an organization. They determine the width and depth of how CSR in the organization can and shall develop.
• CSR requires a practical translation into daily work, join with daily needs and give direction ("a business case), so that both supporters and opponents of CSR notice that CSR fits within the culture and identity of the organization.

CSR Academy

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