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Quality in an international perspective

A more than nine hours journey. The final destination of the airplane were prof.dr.ing Teun Hardjono was seated in was Oman. The country with an enormous increase in prosprity and an avarege tempature between 30 -and 40 degrees Celsius, all year.

Teun traveled to Oman to meet one of his promovendi, Nasser Alsalmini. He is writing a thesis about de quality of the healtcare in Oman. With this thesis, Nasser tend to graduate by Teun Hardjono at RSM Erasmus University. The main purpose of the thesis is to generate a quality model that is based on a Islamitic perspective. Nowadays the perspective in hospitals in Oman has been based on a Christian point of view.

Currently Nasser is in the fieldresearch stage of his thesis. Teun traveled to Oman to visit some directors of hospitals along with Nasser. He helped him with the interviews and created a view about the main topic of Nasser's thesis.

Apart from visting hospitals and conducting interviews Nasser showed Teun Oman like a real tour guide. The most unbelievable aspect Teun discoverd was the enormous change the country has undergone. In the senventies Oman was a quite primitf country were slavery was no exception. Nowadays Oman has a incredible level of prosperity were money plays no role and slavery is almost gone. Most of the time people think that in a country like Oman the landscape is dominated by skyscrapers and onther high buildings. However, in Oman you couldn't find any of these. The main reason for this is that the King of Oman don't want skyscrapers in his country.

"When people are able to separate themselves from normative perspectives based on second-generation quality management and start from new frameworks, it will gives an understanding how the old normative frameworks can be renewed or improved". (Teun Hardjono)

CSR Academy support organisations with connecting their business exellence models to the principal values of their business location. In the book "Derde Generatie Kwaliteitsmangement" (third generation quality management) .

Teun Hardjono writes about the relation between the way of doing business and the values of the country where business is done. Nasser created in this point of view a model with the thirteen elements of quality based on a Islamitic perspective. Another example of a model based on values is Earth Charter. This model emphasizes on ideas about values and perspectives for a sustainable future. This model is also elaborated in a chapter in the book "Derde Generatie Kwaliteitsmangement" by Teun Hardjono.


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