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PhD supervision

Played with the intention to fix your knowledge and experience in the form of a thesis? You are not the first one but it is only maintained for a select group who succeed to graduate. Unfamiliarity of the scientific procedures and processes is one of the reasons why people fail to graduate. 

For this reason the PID Progam has been established. This is a program which helps people with set up the first research proposal and indicate if they can applicate the efford that is required. After this stage, the second part of the PID Program consists of the actual research. The main intention is to support the promovendi with the completion of the thesis.



Clinamen is a science learning community. The members seek ways in which people help each other by their experience and tacit knowledge to expose, to establish and develop in the form of a thesis for it to contribute to society. This helps the clinamen member to underpin their knowledge, experience and wisdom in a way scientific. To refresh according to the assessment to submit to others and make available to society ( "to leave a legacy").
As a symbol of her activities she has chosen the metaphor of Christopher, the saint who bears the child of the wild river. The child appears to be Christ and he makes Christopher safely reached the other side. The members of Clinamen want subservient to man and society, the turbulent river of life: The 'bear' and others 'worn' from his own attitude as a person and acting from their own sources of inspiration.

Clinamen operates from a holistic and historic perspective with respect to philosophy, art, philosophy and science.