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Teun Hardjono has been a frequently asked speaker at strategy days and conferences. With his intriguing statements and out-of-the box conceptual models he is able to get tongues wagging and stimulate thoughts. 

When the opportunity is there, he is not shy to reach the essence between, on one hand business issues and on the other hand philosophical issues. With his experience and knowledge Teun knows how to introduce topics like Corporate Social Responsibility, quality management and process management on top management level with a lot of passion, enthusiasm and emphaty. During the conferences Teun creates a hands-on approach with reference to the Four-Phase model for companies who want to introduce topics like CSR or quality management in their business. Also he used the Four-Phase model to reset the existing focus of a company. The benefit of this is the useful impact of the presentation for the particular business. 

Finally, Teun is connceted with several businesses which orginize masterclasses or conferences. For more information you can click on the logos at the bottom of this page.